Discover the wonders of an uncrowded deep blue wave just at the foot of our cabanas. Lighthouse beach offers 2 surf points that are suitable for all levels of experience. Those who never get enough of surfing will find many more spots to surf in the area.

Rentals & Lessons

We rent different types of surfboards from beginners softops to hardboard for intermediaire or advanced surfers.
If you wish to have a particular size or shape please ask us in advance and we will book it for the duration of your stay.

Renting prices per day: LKR1500

Surf Lessons can be lead in front of the Hotel if booked in advance or in Arugam bay. Email us for more details.

Sri Lanka's East Cost Surf Spots

Sri Lanka’s East coast offers many perfect right-hand peelers from May to October.
Precisely at the end of our monsoon season the current from the south moves the sand, shaping the beaches of the East. That’s how perfect waves are created which change throughout the season.
Most of the surf spots are working during July, August and September but even before and after those 3 months you still find some nice waves with less people rolling in.

The best time to surf is early in morning until noon before the wind picks up. Around 5pm in the evening when the wind drops again the ocean becomes glassy. This is also the most popular time for surf spots to get crowded.

Lighthouse Point

Here is our home spot! You can actually surf 2 waves around Lighthouse, the first one is right in front of Hilltop: a medium right-hander breaking on the sand. Since the sand is moving during the season, the wave is usually starting to work well in April/May and becomes faster at the end of September.

The second one is on the right hand side of the Lighthouse: another right-hand break. It is also often working but smaller in its length and size. It’s a nice place for beginners to catch the white water and nothing to worry about due to its sandy bottom.

The Lighthouse breaks are 25 km away from Arugam Bay which makes the place less crowded 

                                                                 Size: 1ft to 6ft                                                                           Level: beginners to advanced



Whiskey Point

This surf spot is one of the most popular around Arugam Bay. The wave is working almost all the season from May to October and is often quite fat and slow.

Whiskey Point can get very crowded and since it’s an easy wave to catch there are many surf schools in the water.

Size : 2ft to 8ft

Level : beginners to intermediates


Pottuvil Point

With a reputation as the longest wave in Sri Lanka, this ride can last up to 800 meters when it’s working well. The wave is set from July to October with a challenging take-off that is quite deep and fast, in front of the rocks. However it offers a nice and long cruise. The beach is scenic, beautiful and wild with fishermen boats, big boulders, a lagoon, little shade and very few kiosks around.

Size : 2ft to 6ft

Level : All levels

Main Point Arugam Bay 

This is the main surf spot in the Arugam Bay region where competitions are held regularly.

A consistent right-hand reef break holds bigger swells up to 8ft and offers a long ride. There are multiple take-off locations and at times the waves are also suitable for advanced longboarders. Be careful when entering and exiting the water as the bottom is covered in coral reef, numerous people have gotten reef cuts at this point. The wave can get really crowded during the season.

Size : 2ft to 10ft

Level : intermediate to advanced

Baby Point Arugam Bay

Baby Point is the continuation of the main point wave but way smaller in size on a sandy bottom with some rocks and reef in front of Mambo’s. It can be a popular place for beginners. This wave gets really crowded during season times.

Size: 1ft to 4ft

Level : beginners and longboarders


Elephant Rock 

This wave is a nice right-hand point break good for different levels.It has a more tricky take- off since the wave can break into a barrel next to the rocks but the outside of the wave is friendly rolling on a sandy bottom. It can often get crowded due to the many surf schools that come there during the season.

Size : 2 to 6ft

Level : all levels

Peanut Farm

This one is a right- hand break, most of the time divided into two different breaks. The first part of the wave is more technical with a deep and fast take-off in front of the rocks. The second part is a mellow and slow wave on a sandy bottom.

If you get very lucky you can see the two waves connecting which makes for a really long ride. Peanut Farm is a very nice beach to chill out with many shady areas, swings and a restaurant, but it can get very crowded during the season.

Size : from 2 to 4ft for the small one ; 3ft to 6ft for the other one.

Level : All levels

Panama Right

Panama offers a long and mellow wave ideal for longboards and beginners.

As it is a little bit far from Arugam Bay, this place used to get less crowded but has picked up in popularity. Panama village and beach are both worth exploring.

Size: 2ft to 4ft

Level : beginners and longboarders


It’s a very wild and beautiful beach next to Kumana National Park.

The wave is a right-hand point break which can be consistent and holding big swells, occasionally barreling. Be advised to never surf there on your own.

Size : 3ft to 6ft

Level : All levels