• The Location

    Our peaceful Hilltop Cabanas are nestled between shady palm trees and the magnificent shore of Sri Lanka’s secluded Lighthouse Beach.


Here you’ll find the space and privacy to completely relax and unwind.

The sound of the waves and the view of a million stars at night make Hilltop Cabanas the perfect tranquil Getaway.

25 km far from the Arugam Bay-buzz towards the end of the quiet village of Komari, take the sandy right-turn path along paddy fields, peanut farms, lilly ponds and village houses to our tropical, hidden destination.


We believe in living in harmony with nature and avoiding any carbon footprint.

We continuously work on being energetically self-sufficient.

Therefore we have taken some ecological steps: electricity is provided mostly by solar panels.

Wifi is available for our guests, yet only switched-on during the day. We believe in creating a friendly and talkative atmosphere in the evening, especially during our shared dinners.

Our water is sourced from an underground well and dynamically filtered. You can help yourself to free purified water from the restaurant tap at any time.

There is no wasteful consumption at Hilltop Cabanas and we encourage everybody to avoid the use of plastic as much as possible.


In addition to the ecological aspect, we hope to inspire a sharing and uplifting atmosphere between our guests.

Therefore we create communal Rice & Curry dinners every evening, cooked from fresh, local ingredient for everybody to enjoy at our community table.

We believe that these shared meals can bring people together who would have maybe never met otherwise.

We hope to create memorable moments, new friendships and ideally, contribute to a better world.

We warmly welcome nature lovers to our Hilltop Cabanas and fully enjoy the delights of the Zen gardens, secluded beach, surf, yoga and pure relaxation.