Enjoy the delights of our home-cooked healty meals and boost your body with a fresh juice!

We are all food lovers at Hilltop Cabanas. We like nutritious healthy food but also good comfort food and moreover we like it all day long!

Therefore the kitchen is running from 7am to 5pm.

Guests and visitors can order breakfast, lunch and snacks at anytime within these hours. With fresh and locally sourced ingredients from the village, our chef prepares local dishes as well as western specialties, with a taste you might be missing from home…

We are also tropical fruit lovers and keen on serving the freshest juices, packed with amazing benefits for your health. That’s why we use the slow cold-pressed juicing method which keeps all the nutrients and fibrous goodness of each fruit. They go straight to your bloodstream and energise you immediately. We never freeze fruit but cut them freshly for each power juice.

Come and check out our original cocktail recipes too!

Community dinner

Dinner time is our favourite one of the day and we like to share it with everybody else. We also want to ensure that you are having a wonderful time and feel this magic happens when meeting new people.

The community dinner therefore brings us all to one table every night: where we share experiences and make new friends.
Our chef prepares a variety of local vegetarian Rice & Curry dishes every night and an extra barbecued fish curry once a week.

We hope you come to join us for good food and memorable times.