• Surf, eat and relax in most laid back surf paradise

LightHouse point

Light House Beach Surf Location is a right hand point break for all levels located in Komari close to Green room. It’s one of the secret surf spots now gaining popularity among the crowd coming to the mainland of Arugam bay.

Hilltop Cabanas

At 25 km from Arugam Bay you will find the Hilltop Cabanas situated on a little hill just a stone-throw away from the preserved Lighthouse surf point. If you are looking for only a few people in the water, this is the place for it. It is a basic life lived here. The place is powered solely on solar electricity, water drawn and filtered from the well, a kitchen garden … The experience of a simple life, a return to the roots between two sessions.


Choose from a variety of sizes and styles.

Beach Cabana

Sleeps 2, On the beach, Double Bed.

from US$20/night

Big Open View Cabana

Sleeps 4, On the beach.

from US$42/night

Open View Cabana

Sleeps 2, on the beach.

from US$33/night

Hill Cabana

Sleeps 2, double Bed.

from US$15/night

Sunset Cabana

Sleeps 2, Ocean view, Double Bed.

from US$20/night

Ground Cabana

Sleeps 2, double bed.

from US$15/night

Garden Cabana

Sleeps 3, Ocean View, Double Bed.

from US$20/night


The Hilltop restaurant ensures you a full belly, serving delicious and
fresh food all day long.


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